I Only Came to Use the Phone

By Gabriel Garcia Marquez  /  Directed by Netta Yashchin  /  Darlinghurst Theatre /  Set & Costume Design


'Charlotte Lane has designed a set that captures the atmosphere of an oppressive, suffocating and soul-destroying place that people call home. Living in a place where people lose their identity and are treated as animals by carers is depressing and Charlotte has designed the perfect set.' SameSame

'It's a world away from a mere dramatic reading, as the story is completely brought to life through the depth of characterisation and physicality, the rich dialogueishness brought to the text, and a set (by Charlotte Lane) that breathes the scungy romance of Catalonia, even in confinement. Most brilliantly, this approach has allowed Yaschin to add cheeky inflections of irony and heighten dark subtexts that aren't the characters' own or aren't present in a surface reading of the material.' Concrete Playground

'Setting it in a poetically distressed space of crumbling plaster and peeling wallpaper (designed by Charlotte Lane and lit by Rachel Smith), Yashchin has developed an open and playful piece in which her ensemble - with the exception of the actors playing Maria and her husband - adopt multiple roles: mental patients, nurses, bored French tourists, children and domestic pets.' Sydney Morning Herald

'Charlotte Lane’s production design, darkly lit by Rachel Smith, speaks of distress, literally and figuratively. Both are incredibly effective in setting up the mood of the piece.' Crikey

'The story is brought to life by Charlotte Lanes dilapidated, decrepit set, darkly lit by Rachel Smith.' whatsonsydney