Set & Costume Design

Tron Theatre / Adapted by Seamus Heaney  /  Directed by Lynne Parker  /  Lighting Design by Sergey Jakovsky /  Photography by John Johnson

Home Nations Festival  /  Commonwealth Games, Glasgow

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'Beowulf leaps to life in a flourish of literary devices set against a darkened and brooding stage. Shattered stones crunch underfoot in Charlotte Lane’s abstract design of destroyed pillars with fragments suspended in mid-air; frozen in time.'  The Public Reviews

'On the cracked slates and crumbling pillars of Charlotte Lane's set, enhanced by the modulating tones of Sergey Jakovsky's lighting and the near-subliminal echoes of Denis Clohessy's score, they make a formidable ensemble...  a Greek chorus in muted greys who strike every syllable with urgent authority.' The Guardian

'Three darkly dressed women sit on benches in a crypt-like room... The wooden pillars that flank them are shattered and exposed, with little shards of debris frozen in mid-air as if hanging from a Fluxus-inspired peace tree.' Herald Scotland

'As a piece of theatre, the show could hardly be simpler in form: on a stage floored with loose slate and furnished with four plain benches, three female speakers look us firmly in the eye, and tell us the tale of the Danish king Hrothgar... If the central idea is simple, though, there's a huge and powerful subtlety in the detail of this production, from the division of the story among the three voices, to the quietly superb design, sound and lighting that supports the performance.' The Scotsman